April 11, 2016

The Textile Art Trees of Lorraine Roy

Lorraine Roy, of Ontario, Canada, is a master at "painting with fabric."
She has an education in horticulture- trees in particular-
and experience with plant sciences
so it's easy to recognize the source of her inspiration. 

Lorraine's special technique involves artistically combining 
great quantities of threads and fabric pieces beneath nylon tulle. 
She says, "Nothing brings me more joy than to 
coax order and beauty out o a messy jumble of materials."
 The results, as you can see, are spectacular!

Lorraine has created fabulous works of art that truly celebrate 
the beauty and majesty of trees in their natural surroundings.

More of Lorraine's work:

Images used with direct permission from Lorraine Roy.


  1. Lorraine's work is an inspiration to me as a textile artist. And she's a pretty good inspiration as a person, too.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Crow:Day One. I agree- she is quite an inspiration! Such a talented artist!


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