September 9, 2015

Mise en Place - A Kitchen Shop in Lancaster, PA


I found a wonderful kitchen store called Mise en Place!
Located at 341 N. Queen Street in Lancaster, PA,
this family-owned shop is charming inside and out!

Cookware, bakeware, knives - just about everything 
you'd ever dream to have in your kitchen!
They carry quality brand names such as
All-Clad, Bambu, W├╝sthof, 
Tovolo, Bodum and Zyliss.

I'm sure you're wondering, as I first did, 
about the meaning behind the French name.
Their front window, shown below, sorts that all out.
In the culinary world, it's about getting all your ingredients 
and tools lined up and ready before you begin.
A fine goal for any cook.
And here's the shop to help you do just that!


These eye-catching tassel banners served as fun, trendy window-dressing!


What a tempting assortment of kitchen gadgets!


A sweet selection of tea pots!


Lots of cookie cutter options.


Stylish industrial lighting adds to the great decor.


Lovely kitchen linens.


Not just cow creamers-
cats, dogs, rabbits and elephants, as well!


Who knew there were so many types of scrubbers,
bottle brushes and ice cube trays?


I'm totally inspired now, how about you?

Here's the Mise en Place website.
And here they are on Facebook.


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