September 7, 2015

Louise Saxton’s Re-purposed Needlework Textile Art

Here's an extraordinary art form.
Louise Saxton re-purposes stitchery work from the past,
constructing new artistic masterpieces.

Imagine her time-consuming and concentration-requiring process:
designing, finding, acquiring, cutting, sorting, pinning and attaching
vast quantities of parts -into a gorgeous, new work of art! 

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Louise says she constructs her art in
"silent collaboration with the anonymous original makers."
How wonderful to honor times past and the age-old art of needlework.

The work above is entitled "Let the Jungle In."
I selected some of Louise's pieces to show you,
and, as I like to do, have included close-up photos
so that we can appreciate the immense amount of work involved,
the thousands of pieces used, and the amazing skill of the artist.
Enjoy this beautiful form of textile art!

"Magnolia Georgiana 2014 after George Dionysius Ehret 1743"

"Queen Billie 2010 after Sarah Stone 1790"

"Last Gasp 2013 after Maria Sybilla Merian c.1670"

"Major Tom 2010 after John & Elizabeth Gould c.1848"


See much more on Louise's website.
She's also on Facebook.

Images used with direct permission from Louise Saxton.


  1. Beautiful. The reuse of created embroidery adds to the integrity of the piece. My eye sweeps across and loves how delicate, how tactile it is.

    1. Appreciate your comment, Pat. I agree. Such a rich history behind it. And yes - so delicate. Such a talented artist!


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