September 23, 2015

Lunch at JoBoy’s Brew Pub - Lititz, PA


I met a dear friend for lunch in Lititz, PA.
We chose JoBoy's Brew Pub,
known for their excellent barbecue and handcrafted beer.

While driving to Lititz that day, I had stopped to confirm directions a half hour away.
When I'd mentioned to the young man that I was heading to JoBoy's 
and asked if he knew of it, he nodded enthusiastically, saying, 
"I love that place!" I asked him what his favorite dish was, and he answered, 
"The barbecue - you name the meat and it's delicious!"
Such a super recommendation, right?
Sure enough, JoBoy's offers pulled pork, chicken or brisket barbecue,
or a sampling of each on slider buns.

It was a treat to meet the husband & wife owners, Jeff & Jo Harless,
super friendly and happy to share a bit of their story with me.
Getting their start in barbecue competitions, they honed their recipes 
for sauces and rubs until they knew they had a good thing going!
With Jeff's North Carolina roots, he was able to bring a southern flair.
They competed under the name JoBoy, a combination of their middle names:
Maria Jo and Jeffrey Boy, and so they carried that over as the title of their eatery.

The second floor of their establishment is an events hall
that can be rented for meetings, receptions or dinners.


Really nice atmosphere.



They were brewing a pumpkin beer while we were there.



Lisa got a big avocado burger.


I chose a southern specialty - shrimp & grits.
It was oh-my-goodness cheesy delicious!


I highly recommend this place for lunch or dinner
next time you're in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania!

JoBoy's Brew Pub is at 27-31 East Main Street, Lititz, PA.

Here's where you can learn more & keep in touch:


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