October 18, 2014

Retro Planet ~ Let’s Go Shopping!

The next post in my "Let's Go Shopping" series leads us to Retro Planet!
It features super cool retro gifts, plus furniture and home decor as well.

Above: Crosley's replica of a 50's payphone is a real touch tone phone!
How fun would that be to use? A real conversation piece. $99

Below: These beverage glasses, replicas of the Franciscan "Starburst" 
pattern, would lend a futuristic flair to your kitchen! $30

A desk lamp like this one would be a stylish addition to any desk. $120
By Draper. Also available as a floor lamp.

How about this incredibly cute owl cookie jar? $35

A steel outdoor chair by Griffith, also in green, white or red. $77

Oh, it's Gumby & Pokey! 2 1/2 " set of 2. $7

A 26" metal sign for a classic diner look! $50

The ever-popular American icon, the Kit Kat Clock!
Yep. Its pendulum tail and eyes move back and forth. $50

Let's go shopping at Retro Planet!
Here's the link to their website.

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