October 6, 2014

Gizmo & HooHa - A Vintage Emporium

I found a great vintage shop on Etsy called Gizmo & HooHa.
(Cool name, or what?)
Martha, its owner, has a knack for keeping it chock-full of fun home decor and collectibles.
There's a terrific mix of interesting and intriguing stuff,
from paint-by-number wall art to an antique majolica tray.
Whether retro, industrial or kitchy, you'll be wondering what lives they've led in the past,
and how you can fit them into your life here & now!

How 'bout this for terrific?
You can get a 10% discount at the Gizmo & HooHa Etsy shop
using coupon code PAISLEY10!
(expires 11-30-14)
Thanks a bunch, Martha!

Here's where you can check out Gizmo & HooHa:
and on Twitter @GizmoandHooHa.

Images used with direct permission from Martha.


  1. Thanks so much for the feature, LuAnn!
    My Etsy shop is open 24-7 and customers are welcome to shop in their pajamas ; )

  2. You are so welcome, Martha!
    -and we thank you for our coupon code!


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