October 22, 2014

Touring B. F. Clyde’s Cider Mill – Old Mystic, CT


One of those "off the beaten path" must-experience places,
B. F. Clyde's Cider Mill is set apart from the most popular tourist sites.
Located at 129 North Stonington Road in Old Mystic,
it was one of our favorite stops while we were in Connecticut.

This is the home of the oldest steam-powered cider mill in the United States!
Just a quaint wood building tucked away amid the trees.
Nothing innovative or industrial looking about it.

B. F. Clyde's is open from September through late December.
It's a national historic mechanical engineering landmark!


We really enjoyed watching how the press operates.
Ground apples pour out into fabric-lined frames.


The apples are spread evenly using a state-of-the-art tool called a "garden hoe."


The fabric is folded over...


...then topped with another frame.
The process repeats several more times.




Now it's time for the press to do its work.


The apple juice runs out and is collected below.


With my thanks to Lee C., I share this YouTube video
so that you can see the Cider Mill come to life!

A collection of old cider jugs hangs from the rafters.


It warms my heart that they're still family owned and operated! 
Six generations of Clydes have been making cider since 1881!



After our tour of the mill, we popped over to their little shop,
filled with good things like sweet apple cider, 
apple pies, local honey, fudge and maple syrup.

This was the most delectable melt-in-my-mouth apple cider donut
I have ever had the pleasure of tasting!


Here's B. F. Clyde's 
website and Facebook page.

Did I mention the donuts?

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