October 27, 2014

Calendars for 2015

As we're nearing the end of the year, I'm rounding up some choice calendar selections.
I think they make ideal gifts to reflect the personal tastes of those on your list.
Choose one for yourself that will bring a smile to each of your days in 2015!

Above: I'm lovin' this vintage typewriter mini calendar by Blackbird Letterpress.

With Downton Abbey beginning its 5th season,
this calendar reminds fans why the show is so popular.
(My favorite is the photo of Bates & Anna stealing a kiss!)

Oh, the quality of letterpress!
The gilded & textured patterns are so classy.
And how about the wood stump holder?
(Next year you can just order a refill.)


Calling all movie buffs!
Each month brings you a vintage movie poster!


Garden of Birds.
Fabulous bold graphics!


Scripture verses are featured with
lovely paintings by LANG's Susan Winget.

Slick Turtle Design

This vivid year-at-a-glance poster calendar is available in 3 sizes.
Eye-catching and bold.

How fun is this? Quirky for sure.
A hula girl on the dashboard and a knitted teapot cozy.


  1. SUper calendar collection! Thanks for sharing our typewriter calendar!

  2. Why, thanks! And you're quite welcome, Blackbird Letterpress! Love your stuff!


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