July 14, 2014

Eataly NYC


A favorite stop in New York City is Eataly, an Italian market extrordinaire!
Located at 200 5th Avenue, Eataly is quite the gastronomic experience!

Besides dining opportunities to taste superb Italian dishes,
Eataly offers the best quality available in cheeses, meats, breads and pasta.
You'll find decadent chocolates, robust coffees and rich sauces.
Aromatic olive oils, crusty Italian breads and lots of vino.

Become educated by taking one of their classes on Italian cuisine.
There's a huge selection of kitchen gadgets and gifts.
Since restaurateurs Lidia Bastianich and Mario Batali are among the 
founders of Eataly, you'll see their books and products throughout.
It's an all-around fabulous place to visit!


A fantastic array of the freshest-of-fresh fruits and vegetables
under delightful basket-swagged canopies!


Perfect tomatoes. Jumbo artichokes.


Kale, dandelion, carrots and beets.


An exceptional selection of fresh mushrooms, including
oyster, shitake, lobster, wood ear, cremini and morel.


Airtight glass bottles in a rainbow of colors.


Vegetable soap from Tuscany by Alighiero Campostrini in scents like
orange & fennel, iris & cypress, and poppy & chili pepper!


Colorful serving pieces by Guzzini make plastic look chic.


Here's just one of the eating areas.
I enjoyed exquisite focaccia with creamy ricotta, squash & basil.


Oh, the cheeses!


Fresh, wild-caught fish.


Pasta made right before our eyes. 
And beneath the dome: fresh summer truffles.


See more at the Eataly
 Website and Facebook page.
"You are what you Eataly!"

There are 27 Eataly locations around the world:
10 in Italy, 13 in Japan, plus 1 each in
New York City, Chicago, Turkey and Dubai.

Bonus: A shot of the nearby triangular Flatiron Building, built in 1902.


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  1. Wow the produce looks amazing and fresh! Wish I lived closer...


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