July 18, 2014

The Relaxing Aromas of Lavender Lane & Co.


Oh, the scent of lavender!
Can you beat it for fresh, relaxing calm?

Lavender Lane & Co. captures that fragrance perfectly.
This family-run business consists of Denise,
her 4 daughters: Kristin, Marisa, Jaimie and Faith,
and Kristin's 2 daughters Abby and Mikaiya.

Each of the ladies has her own special talent to contribute,
be it computer skills or baking up lavender biscuits and cookies
for their popular open-houses!

What a treat for me to visit Kristin's home and to hear all about what they do!
She & Denise explained the particular uses of the many varieties of lavender.
There's even a white lavender - Kristin's favorite.


As I entered the home, I was greeted by that oh-so-lovely lavender fragrance!
Lavender Lane & Co. references Jeremiah 31:25:
"I'll refresh tired bodies; I'll restore tired souls."


Mikaiya is busy helping her Grammy prepare the aromatic mists.


Denise is especially knowledgeable and passionate about
the health benefits and healing properties of lavender.


Pretty labels at the ready.


There are 4 varieties of mists.
Besides Relax, which is just lavender,
Renew adds lemongrass & thyme to lavender,
Revive is lavender with grapefruit & sage, and
Reflect - the one I think I'll be trying next -
combines lavender, lime & rosemary!

I love spraying my Relax mist on my sheets
and pillowcase each night before bed!


Along with sprays, Lavender Lane & Co. creates
dryer bags, wands, sweet gift sets, and much more!


Charming sachets!


I stopped by Lavender Lane & Co.'s booth at the Playwicki Farmer's Market
held in Bucks County's Playwicki Park.


Here's one of their recent creations- bath salts!


Abby & Mikaiya love to help out at the Farmer's Market!


Three generations of Lavender Lane!
The girls are joined by their mom Kristin, and grandmother Denise.


"...whoever refreshes others will be refreshed."
-Proverbs 11: 25b

Visit Lavender Lane & Company online
at their blog, their Etsy shop,
and on Facebook!

Here's a link for the Playwicki Farm Farmer's Market,
which happens every Wednesday 3:00 - 6:00 p.m.,
June through October!


  1. Thank you Lu Ann! What beautifull pictures and sweet descriptions! Blessings!

    1. You're so very welcome! What fun it was to do this feature! Thank YOU! Love you guys!


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