September 24, 2016

William Morris: Arts & Crafts Movement Designer

I've had a long-time love for the patterns of William Morris.
A true fan of the Arts & Crafts Movement,
I'm attracted to many of its aspects that contribute to
an attitude of comfort and serenity in the home:
deep, saturated colors, lots of rich wood, 
Frank Lloyd Wright architecture (think Fallingwater), 
mica or Tiffany-style glass lamps, stacked stone,
oil-rubbed bronze metals, and soft leathers.

Textile designer William Morris' boldly patterned fabrics, wallpapers and
embroideries played a big part in defining this decorating style. 
I've gathered some of my favorites to show you here on the blog.
(Starting with Compton, above.)

And here's a bonus - a fabulous quote by Morris.
I love his way of thinking! 

"The true secret of happiness lies in 
taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life."
-William Morris

Strawberry Thief


Golden Lily



Honeysuckle & Tulip


Fruit Embroidery



Bird and Pomegranate

Want more?
Go to The Morris & Co. website.

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