September 6, 2016

The US Air Force Memorial - Honoring Airmen with Reverent Patriotism

Recent travels to Arlington, Virginia brought us to the
United States Air Force Memorial.
A very prominent part of the Arlington skyline,
the Memorial's 3 spires drew us in to see more.

Three stainless steel spires stretch skyward, 
representing the Thunderbirds' bomb burst maneuver.
Their towering heights are 201', 231', and 270'.

The Memorial overlooks the Washington, D.C. skyline across the Potomac River.
The Washington Monument and the U.S. Capitol Building can be seen to the left.
The Memorial is adjacent to Arlington National Cemetery and the Pentagon.

At the base of the spires is a granite star, the center of which is a stone
commemorating the Memorial's dedication in 2006 by President George W. Bush.

Reaching toward the Heavens.

On either side of the spires is a black granite Inscription Wall. 
The north wall is inscribed with quotes on valor, courage and sacrifice, 
along with names of the Airmen Medal of Honor recipients.

In front of the Inscription Wall is the glass Contemplation Wall.
It's engraved with images of four F-16 fighter jets in the Missing Man formation.

A bronze sculpture of an 8' tall Air Force Honor Guard stands at the watch. 

The south wall is engraved with inspirational quotes based on the three core values:
integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all things.

Visiting this memorial was a moving and patriotic experience.
I walked away with a renewed gratitude for our Air Force-
for the sacrifices they have made, for those who gave all,
for those men and women currently serving our country-
as well as a deeper appreciation for the many freedoms which I enjoy.

Find out more at the Air Force Memorial website.

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