September 7, 2016

Charming, Primitive Angels by Country Craftworks

Oh, how we love angels!
They're quite the collectors' items, aren't they?

They remind us of God's promises and His loving care for us.
"For He shall give His angels charge over you,
to keep you in all your ways." Psalm 91:11

Cristine Handler of Country Craftworks stitches lovely 
primitive angels in a variety of sizes and fabrics.
Such fine craftsmanship and attention to detail! 
She welcomes custom orders, too.

These are the Tapestry Angels. Beautiful fabrics with elegant style.

This Irish angel is an example of the top-selling "Apron Angels."

An angel in a plain muslin gown is purchased, 
then waits to be dressed in apron & wings sets.

Each set comes with something to place in the angel's hands,
such as this adorable basket of apples.

Here's where the fun comes in; 
change your angel's aprons & wings seasonally or for each holiday.

Of course, Christmas angels are very popular!

 Cris designs angels to reflect a variety of hobbies and interests:
sports, musical instruments, and even the US Armed Forces.

 Did somebody say "sports?"
A shout-out to our own Philly teams!

Here's a smaller 10" angel, shown on its wood display stand,
which is included with this size angel and larger.


And how cute are these little guys?

See more of Country Craftworks here:

My readers receive a 20% discount on online orders
 during the month of September!
Enter coupon code PAISLEY at checkout.

Country Craftworks participates in various local craft fairs, and is 
always at the hugely popular Kutztown Folk Festival in Kutztown, PA.

Photos taken with permission from Cristine Handler.

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