September 26, 2016

Fabulous Vintage & Antique Finds at 86 Home

I'm just wowed by 86 Home, a shop I found on Etsy
that sells fantastic vintage accessories!
Antiques don't have to be dark, dusty and stuffy.
You don't need to commit to them
all over the place and in every corner of your house. 

No matter how contemporary and sleek your decor is,
a vintage accent piece brings a rich sense of history.
Not just any piece. Something deliberate.
Something to add depth and balance,
and a nod of appreciation for generations past.

86 Home groups items into creative categories such as
The English Study,
The Bohemian Bungalow
and The Rustic Cabin
that guide us to just the right accent pieces for our homes.
And who doesn't want a home to be just a bit more...homey?

Want to see more?

Images used with direct permission from Jaclyn at 86 Home.

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