August 10, 2016

Snapshots of Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom!
For me, there is something magical about it.
Somehow, it's OK to be a kid again. In fact, it's expected.
To think, laugh and act like a kid. No holds barred.
Allowing ourselves to be fully delighted and enchanted.
To be wowed by the beauty and artistry that is the Magic Kingdom.
That transformation in us is where the magic lies.

Balloon vendors offer a festive welcome!

Oh, the charm of Main Street, USA!

Mickey & Minnie are the stars of every Disney parade!

Cousins ready to conquer the Kingdom!

One of the gorgeous mosaics in the pass-through of Cinderella's Castle.

Don Quixote & Sancho battle the windmill at It's a Small World.

A beautiful tile mosaic of Beauty & the Beast in the lobby of
 the Be Our Guest Restaurant...

...and here's that heavenly ceiling of the ballroom, just like in the movie! Sigh.

I always feel extra-patriotic after visiting The Hall of Presidents;
that's especially so during this 2016 election year.

The stately Liberty Belle riverboat.

The tale of Br'er Rabbit comes alive in Splash Mountain!
(More to come on that...)

Here's a portion of the 90' high mosaic in the 
Grand Canyon Concourse of the Contemporary Resort.
It was designed by Mary Blair, who also was art director for It's a Small World.
You can see the similarities in her child-like characters and style.

To Tiki, or not to Tiki?

This visit was the first time I'd tried a Dole Whip.
After one bite, I cried, "Where have you been all my life?"
Ugggh. I've been missing out all these years.

Always a favorite, one of the classics.

The sun sets on another memorable day in Disney World!

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