May 22, 2016

The Captivating Art of Mary Alayne Thomas

Summer Habitat

I'm spellbound by the art of Mary Alayne Thomas!
Her works depict a calming nature tableau or a surreal fantasy world;
either way, I'm captivated by her soft edges and intriguing details.

Mary's process begins with watercolor, over which she
layers encaustic (heated wax) and silkscreen.
The mixed-media result is a dream-like aura that's just beautiful!

Homage to the Realm of Living Beings

The Pomegranate Thief

Autumn Habitat

A Shadow in the Garden

Quest Through the Forest of Mystery

The Lullaby of the Lilies

The Secrets of Spring

The Artist

Here are links to Mary's website & Facebook page.
Her shop on Etsy is called Dream Squirrel.

Images used with direct permission from Mary Alayne Thomas.


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