May 2, 2016

Lovin' the Illustrations of Abigail Halpin

I'm crazy about the illustrations of Abigail Halpin!
The one above, called "Finals Week," is so relatable:
hair up in a quick, no-fuss bun, 
a mug of coffee or tea to help burn the midnight oil, 
comfort food cookies for re-fueling,
and dates crossed off the calendar psyched for summer break!
I dedicate this post to my favorite college gals ~ 
(that's you- Sarah, Kendall & Bree!)

Abigail lives near the seaside in the beautiful state of Maine.  
She draws her inspiration from "vintage textiles, all things Slavic, 
mystery novels, the ocean and long-forgotten ephemera."
Here's more of what she does best.

More of Abigail's art can be found here:

Images used with direct permission from Abigail Halpin.


  1. J'apprécie beaucoup ! Merci pour cette belle découverte et bravo à l'artiste !


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