October 9, 2015

Good Natured Wool Art

I'd love to show you the awesome wool art of Good Natured.
Dani creates gorgeous works of art using a technique called needle felting,
the process of felting wool fibers together using barbed needles.

Many of her subjects are animals she encountered 
while working for 10 years as an educator at a zoo. 
Now she combines her passion for animals with her artistic talent.

Enjoy these examples of how Dani 
successfully captures these likenesses by "painting" with wool!

I just had to show you a close-up of this peach.
I am amazed at the realistic colors and shading that she captured!

A very cool things that Dani does is take custom orders for pet portraits!

Here's where you can see more of  Good Natured:

Images used with direct permission from Dani.

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