August 4, 2015

150 Years of Penn State Creamery Ice Cream


While attending the annual Central PA Festival of the Arts
at Penn State University in State College, PA,
there was no question that we had to pit-stop 
for some ice cream refreshment at the Penn State Creamery booth.
After all, making ice cream is an art, isn't it?

Visiting the Creamery is a true blue (& white) PSU tradition; 
its ice cream is known and loved by alumni and visitors alike.
It had been a while since I'd had some, so I was a happy camper.

It just so happened that this year, The Creamery was celebrating a milestone birthday.
Milestone, indeed - to the "happy birthday to you" tune of 150 years!

A vote had gone out to declare an official b-day ice cream flavor.
The winner? "Birthday Cake," naturally.
"...a blue frosting swirl and frosted cookie freckles
inside a yellow cake batter ice cream base." 

I snapped a few photos, including our flavor choices.
And, yes, it was every lick as yummy as I'd remembered. 


"Peachy Paterno"


My choice: "Bittersweet Mint"


"Happy Happy Joy Joy"



The Berkey Creamery

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