February 28, 2014

Naples, FL ~Tin City


"The soul of old Florida in the heart of Naples' waterfront," Tin City is a fun place to experience!
Located along 12th St. S., near the Tamiami Trail, this cluster of tin-roofed buildings and docks 
was built in the 1920's to support the area's fishing, clam and oyster industries.
It's transformation into a shopping and dining marketplace occurred in the 70's.
Today, Tin City boasts 2 restaurants for relaxed dock-side dining and over 30 gift boutiques.
Have a look at some highlights of our afternoon there! 




Casual, open-air dining with ceiling fans and a roll of paper towels at the ready! 
Pinchers Crab Shack. Our kinda place!




Naples Soap Company was a favorite!
Go HERE for a post on this way cool shop!





  1. Great pictures. Looks like a fun place to shop and eat.

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