February 3, 2014

Hand-printed Gift Wrap by Handmade & Heritage

Northamptonshire, England is the home of Amiee Bowker.
She studied millinery, but when she became a mother, 
or "mum" as they say in the UK,
she decided to make a go of a home-based business.
Handmade and Heritage was the result.

Being a nature-lover, I was drawn right away to
her hand-printed gift wrap, bags and tags.
The contrast of black in on craft paper-brown is an earthy look
well-suited to the woodland animals, birds and flowers she prints.

Here's the Handmade and Heritage
Etsy site and Facebook page.

Direct permission given by Amiee Bowker.


  1. Thank you so much for the feature! It's fab to see people appreicate my work. X

    1. So very welcome, Amiee!
      All the best, L


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