March 4, 2013

Picture Hang-ups


Hanging pictures on the wall can be really intimidating.
Eye level? Whose eyes? 
Centered? Symmetry?
I'd like to share a couple of rules of thumb.
(...then later I'll show you how I rebelliously broke them.)

Hang a piece of art so that the center is 56"-60" from the floor. 
This is considered eye level.

When hanging artwork over a piece of furniture,
leave only 4-8" of space between the top of the furniture and the bottom of the art.

To hang two pieces of art above one another or side by side, leave a 2" gap between them.
Treat them as one large picture, and use the center point between them for the 56" - 60" rule.


Now, on to groupings.
There are a lot of rules and regulations out there
on how to place your artwork when you want to hang several things together.


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