March 8, 2013

My Family Room Art Gallery


In our finished basement family room, I wanted to do a huge grouping of art with a rustic theme reflecting my family's love of the great outdoors. We had a few objects d'art to use as my starting place. I placed an order at, dug out some old frames to re-purpose, and bought a few new ones at Michael's.

I decided to disregard all the rules and go with my gut. All the frames are different. 
My hubby Steve helped me measure and hang. We figured out the outside border dimensions, then I arranged everything out on the floor, a la jigsaw puzzle. 

Images of my guys' hunting and fishing hobbies prevail, with a wide variety of wildlife mixed in.
Caribou, bear, squirrel, loon, Canada geese, elk, pheasant, moose, deer, wild turkey.

Some may think it's cluttered. 
I think it's wonderful.

(Yes, Honey, one of my photos includes your big buck.)


Top left:  I included this homage to motherhood - that's me, the mother bear, with my 2 cub sons!
Top center: A little humor as the buck reads the posted "No hunting" sign.
Top right: A sentimental treasure. My dad's metal PA deer hunting licenses from 1937 and 1935.
Lower left:  The oval 1053 iron house number plaque is from our past home, a farmhouse in Ivyland.

Bottom left: More humor with Arthur Anderson's print, Bad Timing.
                   Notice the occupant's rifle propped outside the outhouse!
Right center: Steve's mom gave us an old set of these prints that hung in their den years ago.
                    I re-framed this one called Birds of the Forest. A new version of the set can be ordered
                   through the Pennsylvania Game Commission where you can find Bird & Mammal Charts here.    

Our wall is broken up with offsets. I could have stopped here, but...

...I decided to keep going to include the area to the left.


My point is this: no rules are necessary.
I had loads of fun collecting each item and piecing everything together.
It makes me smile.
My family thinks it's terrific.
And after all, isn't that what art is all about?

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