March 19, 2013

Erik Johansson, Photo & Retouch

Work at Sea

Erik Johansson, of Berlin, Germany, comes up with an idea. An illusion. 
His challenge is to make that illusion appear to be reality. 
Using his camera and computer, he works his magic and enters the world of surrealism. This goes way beyond the boundaries of imagination and creativity!

Born in Sweden, Erik grew up with a love for drawing. He studied computer engineering 
in college, graduating with a masters degree in Interaction Design. 
He taught himself photography and retouching, 
and married these skills to his computer savvy. 
The results are incredible!

Enjoy the ingenious artistic talent of Erik Johansson.

Deep Cuts

Fishy Island

Vertical Turn

A Painting Too Real

Helping Fall

Big Laundry Day


Go Your Own Road

Be amazed as you watch Erik's creative process in this video:

Want to see even more? Visit Erik's website.
You can purchase high quality reproduction prints of his art at Fine Art Pub.

All images used with direct permission from Erik Johansson.

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  1. WOW! Loved seeing his creativity and imagination. Wonder what he's working on now?


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