March 14, 2018

Visiting Philly's Museum of the American Revolution


A recent addition to the many historical and cultural museums 
in Philadelphia is the Museum of the American Revolution. 
Intriguing and educational, it was a worthwhile experience for our family!

We began our tour by watching the 15 minute orientation film called Revolution.

Beginnings of unrest, discontent, and rebellion in the colonies...

This mural is part of the War at Sea exhibit,
which includes a life-size replica of a privateer ship.

A Chain of States symbolism in the flooring design.

Interesting artifacts~
A very accurate map of the Continental Army's encampment
at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania is carved on this powder horn.

One of the wood canteens issued to soldiers in the Continental Army.

See an interesting film about General George Washington
and view his original field headquarters tent.

What a wonderful way to learn about the rich history of our country!
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