March 17, 2018

Collections: Baking Pies with Pie Birds

Ever see one of these? It's called a "pie bird."
Dating back to Victorian times, pie birds are placed in the center of pies
to serve as a vent for steam produced from juicy fruit fillings.
The use of one results in a nice, flaky crust,
not to mention a very cute pie!

This nursery rhyme comes to mind~
Sing a song of sixpence a pocket full of rye...

A charming vignette.

Poultry pie birds.

Salt glaze.

Not to be outdone by their feathered friends,
a sheep, a frog and a dragon get in on the act.

Quite a collection!

Have you baked a pie with a pie bird?
If so, what did you think of the result?
(Let us know in the comments!)

Stay tuned...
I'm on the lookout for the perfect vintage pie bird
and plan to share my baking experience!

Illustration by Riani.

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  1. The first little black bird is my fav... And the frog! Can't wait to hear of your future piebird successes, Lu, and I hope I'll be nearby to taste your wares!

    1. Thanks, Julie! The search is on. I'll surely be posting about it. :)


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