March 26, 2018

Just Try to Contain Yourself at The Container Store!

So here's what happened~
The hubby "needed" to go to Cabela's in Delaware.
My friend Lori told me that The Container Store 
happened to be right around the corner.
Sounds like a perfect plan, right?  
While he checked out his manly outdoors-man things,
I was in my own version of paradise.

Wow, was I wowed!
I did expect lots of these kinds of things to store pasta and oatmeal in my pantry...

...but, what I didn't expect was the infinite variety of 
boxes, baskets, bins, 
caddies, crates, and....containers!

I couldn't help myself. (insert eye-rolls from my kids)
I started snapping photos because I was so in awe of the vast
selection of textures and patterns, and especially-
color, color, color!

Get ready to sort, toss, purge, alphabetize and organize
everything in your home because THIS is the place to be inspired!

Each room of your house can and should be re-vamped:
kitchen, laundry room, kid's room, office, garage...
Every. Single. Room.

This is all about that "place for everything and everything in its place."

And isn't it SO much more enjoyable to store things in attractive containers? 

You can always shop on The Container Store's website,
but it's so fun to visit a store,
wander up and down the aisles,
and be inspired!

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