February 25, 2016

Sarah J. Perry's Splendid 3-D Embroidered Birds

Embroidery is a lovely craft by its own merits. 
Consider kicking it up a notch, by taking it to three dimensions, for instance.
 That’s what Sarah J. Perry has done with her textile art birds.
Vintage fabric, felt and twigs bring even more drama. 
Sarah loves nature, especially the birds around her home in the English countryside.
Her attention to detail brings a breath of life to these exquisite works of art!

She's also printed her work on note cards!

Connect with Sarah:

Images used with direct permission from Sarah J. Perry.


  1. Sarah's work is truly exquisite - the attention to detail is just amazing.
    Do visit her website and Etsy pages for more examples of her fab creations. Look forward to seeing you at the next event Sarah.

    1. Couldn't agree more, Helen! Thanks for visiting My Paisley World - I appreciate your comment!


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