February 9, 2016

Bold, Hand-Knitted Blankets by quiroga quiroga

Innovative design and quality materials brought a 
talented group of women together to form quiroga quiroga.
They dye and spin virgin wool, then hand knit or weave it on looms, 
adding finishing touches and embroidery to create fabulous end products.

Every step along the way, from start to finish,
the quiroga quiroga team puts forth its best artistry
to create unique, handcrafted masterpieces!
These garments and blankets are sure to 
stand the test of time, both in quality and appeal.

The colors are divine, and oh, these textures!
The first one is my favorite. (I'm a real sucker for pom poms!) 

In addition to throws, they make shawls...



...and ponchos.

Here's where you can find quiroga quiroga:

Images used with direct permission from Lorena Quiroga.

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