January 28, 2015

The Empowerment Plan: Employing Homeless Women to Make Coats for the Homeless


Something great is happening in Detroit, Michigan!

The Empowerment Plan was founded by Veronika Scott.

First, she had the terrific idea to help the homeless keep warm in the winter
by manufacturing and distributing coats that zip into sleeping bags.

Next, she developed a non-profit organization to train and employ 
homeless women to make these coats, giving them not only a job, 
but also a sense of purpose, a can-do attitude and a hope for the future.

And that is empowerment!

Here are some photos of the coat so you can visualize how the bottom part of the bag
zips up into the coat, then folds out to be re-zipped into a sleeping bag.

This YouTube video is a must-see to really get the idea
of what The Empowerment Plan is all about.

Inspired? I sure am.

Here's how we can help to make a difference:
A $100 donation covers the cost of 1 coat.
(...but give whatever you can.)
DONATE here.

Learn more at The Empowerment Plan website.
Follow them on Facebook.
and on Twitter @empowermentplan.

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