January 29, 2015

Breakfast at The Greeter’s Corner Restaurant – Laguna Beach, CA


Beach-front breakfast at The Greeter's Corner!

Here's how this well-known eatery got its unusual name:
It began during the years of the Great Depression, when a friendly gesture 
from Eiler Larsen brought optimism and encouragement.
40 years-worth of waves & smiles earned him the title of "Official Laguna Greeter" in 1963.
His South Coast Highway corner of choice is the restaurant's location.
Eiler died in 1975. You can see his footprints in the sidewalk nearby.

Here's my photo of the life-size statue (sadly, sans thumb) honoring Eiler.
I'd like to think that when folks drop by and learn his story,
they leave inspired to reveal a friendly side of themselves
that they may have been hesitant to show before.
A wave, a smile; they go a long way.
They usually make the giver feel as good as the recipient.
Encouraging. Uplifting. Hopeful.
And they're free.


A side view of the restaurant, showing off its patio.
Outside dining - a must.


Shame on me for not taking a photo of my meal.
Guess I was just too hungry and delighted at the sight of my 
Eggs Benedict with avocado and mushrooms to wait another moment!
Trust me. Delicious!

 Here's what you see as you dine - Laguna Beach ambiance.



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