September 12, 2014

Russell + Hazel ~ Let's Go Shopping!


 Came across this store online ~ Russell + Hazel.
Chic stationery, office organizing supplies, and great leather accessories.
Hey, let's go shopping!

To spruce up your desk, they have several clear acrylic items like this stapler.

Binders in contemporary patterns.

Posh leather keychains.

So, I placed an order to officially start my Christmas shopping.
My items were delivered promptly and came nicely packaged.


Got some 5x7 stash sacks. Super quality leather!


Plus a few shiny fruit folders. Cuteness for my back-to-school college girl!


Their flagship store is in Minnesota, and there are
many stores that carry their products throughout the U.S. and Canada,
plus one each in Australia, Germany, Greece, and the U.K.

Check out their website,
and here they are on Facebook.

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