May 26, 2014

Susan Farrington Mixed-Media Collages

I've always loved collages!
Making something special from artfully arranged snippets of odds-and-ends.
Susan Farrington selects bits of vintage ephemera, fabric and lace
to create these fantastic mixed-media collages.

I've chosen my favorites, then placed a close-up photo after each one
so you can get a better look at the details.

Non-edible Mushrooms 2

20 Faces

A terrific United States Map!

Necessary Angels 2

We started with Peace 2, let's end with Peace 1 !

Visit Susan Farrington's website,
 Etsy shop & Facebook page!

Images used with direct permission from Susan Farrington.


  1. Dear LuAnn,
    Thank you for featuring my work!
    It's an honor to be presented in such a beautiful and thoughtful way.
    Your blog is terrific!
    All the best, Susan

    1. You're very welcome, Susan, and I appreciate your positive feedback!
      Thanks for sharing your collages with us!


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