May 19, 2014

The Cell Phone Appendage


I am beyond irritated by the behavior of cell phone users.
Am I alone on this out there? By the looks of these cartoons, I think not.
I'm stepping up to the podium and taking a turn to rant on the subject.

First some stats: As of January 2014,

90% of Americans have cell phones. 58% have smart phones.
For so many people with smart phones,
they sure ain't smart when it comes to manners.

There is a seemingly perceived notion that a cell phone must be carried around

as a mandatory accessory of life. Can we even exist without one?
It's rare to see teenagers without cell phones in their hands.
Ever at the ready. A status symbol to flaunt? A security blanket of sorts?
But, hey- let's not limit this to teenagers. Adults are right there with them,
and in their cases, it's even more ridiculous because they should know better!

To pay homage to Emily Post,

let's just say that when we're with other people,
we should consider any cell phone use
-be it calling, texting, tweeting,
 or checking to see if you've received one of the above-
an interruption.

Back in the day, (ha!), interrupting a conversation was thought to be bad manners.

Parents teach their small children not to interrupt, right?
A cell phone takes on a life of its own, poised to intrude with no apologies.
The blame lies not with the phone, but with its owner. 
Bang the gavel. Guilty as charged.

I get the feeling that you have no interest in what I have to say!

Am I rambling? Speaking Greek or Portuguese? Or just boring you to tears?
How about showing me some respect by turning it off and putting it away?

Back to those smart phones with unlimited info at your fingertips (literally).
Why is it OK, in the middle of a story or experience I'm sharing,
that I have to stop and wait while somebody flips through their phone
(Cue me demonstrating that left-to-right finger slide motion)
to find a name that escapes me, the exact location of a shop I've mentioned,
or the precise news article I am explaining?
- again, an interruption!
By then, I've lost my momentum and train of thought. Grrrr.

Another part of this, two sides of the same coin, if you will,

is that we're shortchanging ourselves.
We seem to have lost the value of spending time with each other.
Visiting. Hanging out. Face-to-face. Socializing. Connecting.
People, we are not living life in the moment!
We are not appreciating what's right smack in front of us!

When we're at a party or out to dinner, do we focus on enriching our relationships,

whether with a friend or loved one, or maybe a fascinating person we just met...
or do we allow ourselves to be distracted by 
that nasty little appendage called a cell phone?

And even if we're alone-
When we take a walk, do we delight in the simple pleasantries we pass?
At a park or the beach, do we breathe in the fresh air 
and soak up the beauty all around us?
Is a vacation or getaway weekend really a getaway anymore?

There's real value in detaching ourselves from all that electronic stuff.

Unplug. Unwind. Disconnect.
Let's release ourselves from the ties that bind!

I hereby challenge you to absorb and appreciate

 the experience, the relationship, the moment!


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