October 7, 2013

Crocheted Leaves by Susanna Bauer

As autumn leaves are falling here in beautiful Pennsylvania, 
I want to pay homage to the season through the fascinating work of Susanna Bauer.

A small object found in nature, be it a smooth stone, an interesting 
piece of driftwood, or in this case, a leaf, is her starting point.

She likes to bring attention to those tiny details that most folks don't even notice.

Using "crochet as a means of sculpture," she embraces the fragility
of leaves by embellishing them to a place of heightened beauty.

Imagine the patient focus of each skilled stitch!

She achieves fabulous results as she combines 
fine delicate threads with waxy, veined leaves!

German-born Susanna Bauer now resides in England.
You can see more of her work on her website
She's also on Facebook.

Images used with direct permission from Susanna Bauer.

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  1. Beautiful and Delicate love this a lot. I wonder how frustrating it must be if the leaf crumbles! X


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