October 20, 2013

Things Organized Neatly

Toy trinkets.

Since 2010, Austin Radcliffe has been curating a website called Things Organized Neatly
And it's exactly that. Photos of collections of items displayed in precise rows and patterns. 
Methodical, deliberate placement. Images sure to warm the hearts of neat-freaks everywhere.

One might expect that Austin is true-blue OCD, 
but he claims otherwise, with his cluttered apartment bearing witness.
He appreciates order and attention to detail, seeing each photo as a visual list or documentation.

If you'd like to try your hand at lining up your collection in an eye-appealing way, 
you can submit a photo on the site, and maybe it'll be chosen to be published. 
Along with cool subject matter, Austin looks for simplicity and good quality photos.

Collection of 8-tracks. 

Antique bottles.

Gardener's tools.

Hunter's gear.

Bottle cap collection.

An entire bike.

Jewels from the sea.

Vintage band.

Here's the link to Austin Radcliffe's Tumblr site, 
where you can see lots more!

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