November 26, 2012


art print via yardgallery

Cathrineholm is a brand of enamelware from Norway. I have to level with you. At first, I thought these pieces were designed by a woman named Catherine Holm. I was glad to learn that I'm among many who've made that mistake. :)

Initially producing agricultural equipment and wrought iron, Cathrineholm operated from 1907 to 1970. Its enamel kitchenware became known as very tasteful Scandinavian design. The well-loved lotus pattern is thanks to designer Grette Prytz Kittlesen.

These mid-century items are highly collectible. So many vibrant colors! It would be fun to have a piece or two to coordinate with your kitchen color scheme. I just love this retro look! 

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  1. Very interesting and beautiful kitchenware. Will keep an eye out at the next garage sale.


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