January 3, 2018

The Clever Japanese Art of Nerikomi Pottery

An intriguing art form is the ancient Japanese pottery technique called nerikomi.
The word itself means "to press into." The clay is layered in decorative patterns
and then pressed into cylinders, which are then thinly sliced to reveal the design.

A technique much like polymer clay canes...

or the millefiori glass of Murano, Italy...

or... sushi!

Here are some super examples of nerikomi pottery,
then a YouTube video that I just know you'll enjoy!

It's always fun 
to see how it's done!


  1. Love this pretty pottery. Such cheery patterns. Loved the sushi similarity!

    1. So do I! The patterns are fun. I love seeing how things are made.
      Thanks for your feedback, Julie!


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