January 26, 2018

Collections: A Show of Hands

I always seem to be attracted to carvings of hands.
I guess you could say they're a bit eerie,
but I find them infatuating.
They might be glove or mitten forms, artists' hand models,
 or hands of statues or dolls. 
Be they functional or decorative,
there's something about a replica of the human hand.

Oh, the positive power of hands as they're 
stretched out in welcome,
extended in friendship or hospitality, 
and raised in praise or supplication!
They can reach out to help,
give generously, and 
offer peace, love, or hope.

Lend one and see for yourself!

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  1. I like the fly swatter and sporks but am generally creeped out😵

    1. Yes...strangely, curiously intriguing.


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