September 22, 2017

Incredibly Realistic Glass Berries

Berries. One of my very favorite things.
Succulent, juicy, red raspberries!
No, these aren't real, but they sure look real, don't they?
They're made of sculpted glass. Amazing, right?
I came across them in Beth Johnson's Etsy shop, GlassBerries.

Here's a great story:
As Beth worked to perfect her sculpting technique, and was finally satisfied,
she strung a few raspberries and wore them as a necklace. 
When some one asked her how she kept the berries from staining her shirt, 
she knew that she'd achieved her goal of creating a lifelike berry!

Beth also uses her glass berries to make fabulous jewelry!

Visit the GlassBerries shop on Etsy.

Images used with direct permission from Elizabeth Johnson.

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