June 26, 2017

A Lovely Afternoon Tea at the Duke House in Wellsville, NY

The Duke House Tea Room & Bakery - what a find!
We couldn't help but enjoy ourselves in this elegant home-turned restaurant.
The sweet buttercup yellow beckoned us to come inside. 
Notice the curved roof line above the front porch; 
an intriguing detail of this 1850 Georgian revival house.
It was unfortunate that our timing was between lunch and dinner, 
but when we learned that they served afternoon tea, we were tickled!
My daughter and I were in store for a real treat!

I loved the gorgeous mantel display in the front salon!

40+ loose leaf teas from which to choose!

We decided on Yoga Blend~ tulsi, chrysanthemum blossoms, saffron, marigold petals, 
green cardamom, hibiscus, peppermint, sarsaparilla, raspberry leaves, and lemon.
It was fabulous, believe me!

First we were served an out-of-this-world cranberry-rosemary scone.
The Duke House is well known for its scones. I see why!

Next, a selection of tasty finger sandwiches.
They were happy to accommodate our request for vegetarian selections.

Decadent blueberry cream cake was the perfect finishing touch!

This unusual wall hanging caught my eye.

When the home was renovated in 2015, these boards
revealed 3 layers of wallpaper, peeled back to show 
changes in decor through the years.
What a clever idea to display them as wall art,
paying homage to the history of the house!

In addition to several inside dining areas, 
a cozy covered patio was available for outdoor seating.

We look forward to returning to the charming The Duke House!

The Duke House is located at 244 N Main St. in Wellsville, New York.
View their website and Facebook page.

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