May 4, 2017

Julia Peculiar's Fun Mixed Media Creations

Peculiar? Yes!
And also very creative, very colorful, and very, very cool!

Julia's handcrafted paper dolls, brooches & magnets are wonderful.
Her mixed media creations bring a touch of funky and a blast of fun!
Take a look at some of my faves~

This one is a bit "Tina Turner-esque," wouldn't you say? 

Romantic Victoriana!

Julia likes to make fanciful mermaids!
This one is articulated.

A bevy of mini butterfly shadowboxes!

This little gal is a sweet as sugar!

Where to see more of Julia Peculiar:

Images used with direct permission from Julia!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing some of my work LuAnn. What a lovely feature and so kind of you. Thank you. xx

    1. My pleasure, Julia, to show off your talent!

  2. I'm a longtime fan of Julia's work. She is an incredible mixed media artist, whose whimsical works are an absolute delight to behold. Lovely blog LuAnn and what a great post! :-)

    1. Thanks for the kind feedback! Yes, Julia is such a talented and creative artist!


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