June 16, 2015

Lunch at Aussie & The Fox – Lancaster, PA


I'm highly recommending my recent restaurant find
the next time you visit downtown Lancaster, PA.
Aussie and The Fox is a fabulous place to dine!

So what about that name?
Colin (from Australia) and Julia partnered with Frank (Frank Fox, that is)
to create this amazing place that serves local, fresh Australian and American cuisine.
Their unique style blends, as they put it, 
"the two identities of the playful, modern Aussie and the timeless sophistication of the Fox."

On the sidewalk side of the restaurant is their Tucker Box
where you can grab a to-go cup of coffee and a sweet treat.
("Tucker box" is an Australian word for a box used to store and carry food.)

Not only do they serve fantastic food,
but they also have fun events like Movie Nights every Wednesday.
Definitely worth a try. I will be back, no doubt.



How about this funky chandelier? Even dangling with wire "crystals."


The interior is oozes with modern chic ambiance.


Fun, modern artwork echoes the theme.


We started with the yummy Crispy Cauli appetizer -
chick pea flour battered cauliflower with a chili garlic sauce.


My sis chose the Shaved Rib-Eye Grilled Cheese with Gruyere & cheddar.


Beet fan that I am, I was  thrilled with this vegetarian Beet-L-T Wrap -
roasted red and golden beets, goat cheese...delish.


Aussie & The Fox is located at
38 West King Street in Lancaster, PA.

Take a look at their Website and Facebook Page.


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