December 8, 2014

DIY – Making Our Own Snow Globes!


My daughter and I decided to tackle a Christmas DIY craft project
over the weekend: handmade snow globes!

We saved several glass jars from jelly, olives, etc.,
soaking off the labels and removing any extra adhesive with Goo Gone.

Thought maybe we'd use a mason jar also, but it ended up being too large for our needs.


We found some small figurines at our local
Impact Thrift Store and at the dollar store.


We also bought distilled water from the grocery store
and some glycerin, which we found at a drug store.


Sequins and glitter were fun to pick out!


We used epoxy to glue the figurines to the inside of the lids.
Allow plenty of time to dry completely.
See that cute little snowman scene on the right?
(More on that later.)


Pour the distilled water into the jars.
Adding a few drops of glycerin allows the glitter to float longer
instead of sinking right to the bottom of the jar.
Add as much glitter as you'd like.


So, remember that snowman scene I'd mentioned above?
Turns out I was a bit over-zealous with my gluing,
which resulted in an over-crowded lid that wouldn't fit back on.
2 of the 3 pieces popped off, so I was back to the drawing board. Live and learn.
(I don't think Martha is worried about me usurping her throne.)


Sigh. I guess sometimes less really is more.
This little tree looks adorable all by himself.


In order to hide the salsa lettering on this lid,
I hot-glued on some cheery red burlap
and then topped with a twine bow. Cuteness.


Excuse the blurry photo, but I really wanted to show you
the blue sequins that we paired with a white bristle brush tree.
Winter wonderland!


What a fun way to spend a Sunday together!


We decided to display our snow globes on this
vintage aluminum tray that we found at a yard sale a few years back.


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