June 21, 2013

Mimi Kirchner Dolls

Mimi Kirchner works from her home in Arlington, Massachusetts. She designs and hand-stitches dolls, each one unique and seeming to exude its own personality. I'm enamored with these baby dolls - such precious papoose bundles! They're embellished with Mimi's sweet applique work.

Her supply stash has both new and vintage items she's collected through the years, including a treasure trove of fabric, bric-a-brac, scraps and trims from her mother's accumulation of over 50 years as a fashion seamstress. The magic happens when Mimi chooses just the perfect detail to finish off each and every doll. It's all in the details!

Here's Mimi's studio, where she kicks her creativity into gear!


Here's a close-up of one of Mimi's owls, 
looking most debonair in his hounds-tooth waistcoat.


 How about this young lady? I love her tweed tights.


The workmanship is truly impressive.


A school of Mimi's fish.


A macho lumberjack in his traditional buffalo plaid shirt. 
His curly black hair and beard are made from wool chenille fabric, 
and his tattoos are toile.

The generals, so handsome and resplendent in uniform!

A closer look at the regalia of medals.


Now, get ready to be charmed by Mimi's Tiny World Pincushions!



She makes animals, as well. Here are two of my favorites.



Meet Mimi Kirchner! 
She tells you her story in the following Etsy video. 
I'm sure you'll find it infatuating!

Photo credit - Sarah Deragon

Explore The Art and Craft of Mimi Kirchner:

All photos used with direct permission from Mimi Kirchner.

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