December 17, 2018

Yuval Zommer's Charming Children's Book Illustrations

I've been following Yuval Zommer on Twitter and continue to be delighted by his work.
He's an illustrator hailing from London who has found his passion in children's books.
These Christmas pieces are full of friendly animals and birds
that evoke a cozy feeling of all things good.

The Big Book of Bugs has been published in 17 different languages!
It's part of a 3-book series which includes 
The Big Book of Beasts and The Big Book of Blue.

In this illustration, Yuval, a keen environmentalist,
discourages use of single-use plastics by 
showing their dangers to oceans and sea life. 

Other fun and intriguing books~ 

A few more of his illustrations~

Follow Yuval Zommer on Twitter.

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