November 1, 2018

Our Visit to Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ


My dear friend Colleen and I were due for an adventure.
We'd both heard such good things about 
Grounds for Sculpture
but neither of us had yet visited.
So, we set our sights, and the GPS, on Hamilton, New Jersey.
A fun fact: this location had once been the site of the New Jersey State Fair.

It was a sunny, brisk autumn day, perfect for an outside activity like this.
First, though, we enjoyed a delectable lunch at Rat's Restaurant, on premises.
A bit pricey, but the decor was exquisite; a perfect spot for a special day out.

We meandered along winding pathways that cover 42 acres.
Interspersed among gorgeous trees and landscaping were over 270 sculptures.
We observed the works of art, many of which were ultra-contemporary,
 with open minds and attitudes to fully appreciate the artists' creativity.

Although we strolled at a relaxing pace to take it all in, 
we just couldn't see everything.
Reason to return!

Please put Grounds for Sculpture on your list of places to see!

La Promenade, and several other sculptures like it,
are by Grounds for Sculpture founder Seward Johnson.

Space, Conquer or Die - Swiatowid


Sagg Portal

Dorion and its lovely reflection.


Worth a closer look... the sun shining through the glass was brilliant!

Arch II, Set II

Garden State

The Chamber of Internal Dialogue by Seward Johnson,
inspired by The Scream by Edvard Munch, 1893.

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