August 30, 2018

A Fun Stop at the PEZ Visitor Center - Orange, CT

On our way to a weekend in Connecticut, we bumped into
a perfect example of one of those "off the beaten path" attractions:
The PEZ Visitor Center in Orange, CT!
We couldn't resist taking a slight detour to pop in and check it out!

Some fun facts:

PEZ candy was first created in 1927 in Vienna Austria.
They were originally round, but were shortly thereafter
changed to the brick shape that we know so well.

The first PEZ flavor was peppermint, and that's where the candy got its name.
"Pffefferminz" is the German word for peppermint;
they took the first letter P, an E from the middle, and the last letter Z

There are only 2 PEZ manufacturing locations in the world.
One is in Orange, CT, the other in Traun, Austria.
Every year they ship 5 billion candies & 70 million dispensers to 90 countries!

Since we grew up with PEZ, and our children grew up with PEZ,
we had a blast looking at all the memorabilia.
Here are some of our favorites~

Appreciating my nurse friends~ 
Mare, Lee, Kendall, Paula, Cris, Tara, Joanne, Darlene...

Just for "pun"...

 By the way, the Star Wars Collectors Set was introduced in 2005.
It was the first of many PEZ limited edition sets.
Here are a few of them~

...and on a more serious -and patriotic- note~

Shout out to the alma mater.

So, yes, I am truly famous!

Enjoy this YouTube video!

Such a fun place to visit!
35 Prindle Hill Rd, Orange, CT 

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