November 13, 2017

The Shoe that Grows- Perfect for Children in Developing Countries!

So many kids across the globe, about 30 million of them, don't have shoes.
They're susceptible to injury, parasites, and soil-transmitted diseases.
The problem is, even when they're given shoes, they quickly outgrow them.
Here's a solution: The Shoe That Grows.
Adjustable to 5 sizes, they can grow with the child and will last for years!
Constructed from compressed rubber that's similar to the tires on your car,
they're rugged, sturdy, and easy to keep clean.

Such an awesome idea, right?
Watch this informative video to hear more:

There are several ways to get involved:
make a donation, hold a fundraiser, or help distribute the shoes.

Learn all about it on The Show That Grows website!

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