July 11, 2017

A Patriotic 4th of July in Charming Lititz, PA

This July 4th, we were invited by our good friends Lisa & Wes
to join them for their festive luncheon at the popular JoBoy's Brew Pub.
While in town, we strolled around and took in the sights.
This town oozes charm! If quaint shops and eateries are 
your idea of a delightful day, then Lititz is a must-see.
Enjoy my snapshots and then plan a visit there for yourself!

How about a tour of the Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery?

Hope to stay at the Alden House B & B some weekend!

The grand fireworks and festivities at Lititz Springs Park
attract lots of attention every year!

Girlfriends are treasures!

Head over to my Series page for links to several more
 posts about Lititz, and Lancaster as well!

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